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My School’s Birthday
I am standing in front of the school doors, crowded by people I know and don’t know. My first time walking through these doors, I felt like I was in a whole new world. At that moment I knew I wasn’t a child anymore. I was then a high school student. Others had told me, that high school years are the years you will cherish for the rest of your life. I was always with my friends from primary school, but now I’ve made some new friends on the way. Days go by beautifully when the whole class shares every moment together, whether we are laughing, crying, or just being our crazy selves. We grow up together. I am now doing my last year at The “Jan Kollar” Grammar School, which means that I will soon have to leave. However, I don’t want to leave all my good memories behind. I’ve met so many new people and shared wonderful times with them such as our school trips and laughing moments. So I wish this school to bring all the happiness and laughter to its future students that it has brought us.
Hana Slavková IV.a
…When I look back on everything I’ve been through in this school, every time the teachers let go whenever we did something crazy … The happy times, the sad times. This school is alive because of us. We were happy whenever we did well in our school work, and the times that we didn’t do so well, we still stayed optimistic. Next year I wont be attending this school, any more but I will keep memories of this school close to my heart. I am proud to say that the “Jan Kollar” is my school!
Jana Zorjanová IV.a

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